Canadian Food Brokerage

Canadian Natural & Specialty Brands is a Canada-wide food brokerage specializing in gluten-free, international, and specialty foods. We are able to take your product and get it on store shelves nationwide, assisting with labelling, marketing, compliance, trade shows and much more.

Gluten Free Foods

CNSB has been a part of the gluten free industry closing in on 20 years both as a manufacturer and food broker. We are pioneers in this market and continue to grow along with it.

Gluten-free food is one of the fastest growing market segments in Canada, and emerging as an important part of the Canadian grocery landscape.

Get your brand embraced by the marketplace! We give you the expertise, guidance and individual assistance you need.

International Foods

Our international products include a line from Mexico that produces salsa, canned beans, and sauces.

We assist international companies with compliance issues as they enter Canada with their unique products. Let us guide your company through the maze of Canadian grocery guidelines and have your products featured on store shelves.

Specialty Foods

Our strength is also in the specialty grocery area either direct or through selected grocery and health food distributors.

Specialty Food Products require special treatment! We are able to target the right market and have your brand delivered through the right channels to the right customers.

Services for Businesses

Our specialization can help you and your products. As a brokerage company we bring unknown brands, both nationally and internationally, to distributors and major retailers across Canada with great success! We can help your products get exposure and can also help with label compliancy and importing procedures.

Our expertise includes:

  • Extensive Gluten Free market knowledge
  • Understanding of both the celiac and non-celiac consumer
  • Customized product guidance to achieve maximum market absorption
  • Set up and maintenance of your product within the Safe Foods for Canadians Act (SFCA)
  • Individualized brand management
  • Promotion, tracking and follow-up for all brands

If you think you have a unique product and would like to see it sell Canada-wide, contact us for more information!